Men don’t like to wear sunscreen. They complain that it feels weird, or makes them smell like a girl or a pina colada. But with skin cancer reaching epidemic proportions in men, it’s time to tackle those complaints head on:


Complaint: “They smell flowery and feminine.”

Answer: Look for unscented formulations. They are just as effective without the scent.


Complaint: “The oily base makes my skin feel greasy.”

Answer: Water or alcohol-based lotions, creams, gels and sprays actually outnumber oil-based products. Try different types and brands to find out what feels right for you.


Complaint: “They make my hands slippery, which ruins my tennis game.”

Answer: Try a sport sunscreen. They’re designed to absorb quickly, without leaving a greasy or sticky residue.


Complaint: “When I sweat, the stuff runs into my eyes and stings.”

Answer: Use a stick sunscreen on your forehead and around your eyes. It’s easy to apply and stays put even when you sweat or swim. Never put sunscreen directly on the eye area. Protect the skin around your eyes with sunglasses instead.


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