We are excited to announce that Dr. Karl will be in San Diego for the AAD’s (American Academy of Dermatology) 70th annual meeting from March 16th-20th at the San Diego Convention Center!

He will promoting our Critical Wavelength® seal which the FDA has approved to help customers determine if their sunscreen is truly a broad spectrum (370nm +) product.  Knowing if a product is broad spectrum will help consumers to understand that they are recieving proper UVA protection as well as UVB protection.  UVB protection is currently measured by an SPF value and UVA by nothing!

While UVB is linked to visible skin damage including reddening and sunburn, UVA penetrates skin more deeply and has been linked to solar aging and melanoma.

Learn more at www.criticalwavelength.com to determine if you’re getting the fullest protection available from your sunscreen!

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